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How to get WordPress Custom value informations.


How to get the post list with m matching criteria.

How to get the post list with m  matching criteria.  <?php $posts_array = get_posts( $args ); ?>


Technical documentation of the WordPress Widgets

Complete guide for WP Widgets.


Creating widgets in WordPress 2.8

A great post helping us on creating WP widget..


WordPress custom query

WordPress is providing an easy and flexible way to handle our custom Mysql query . While we are developing any plugin or any dedicated requirement in which we need to use our custom query, we can simply make us of the wpdb class.  



WordPress Plugin List

For my various WP projects , i have come across many WP plugins thanks to all the developers worked really hard on these plugins. Just thought to short list  some of the WP plugin which i am using constantly and saving a lot of my time. WP-e-Commerce ( Commerce solution in WordPress.   SK Testimonials ( for adding testimonials. […]


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