date picker and calendars using polyfiller for drupalgap resolved codes

drupal, drupalgap

* Implements hook_install().
function sample_drupalgap_install() {
try {
var js4 = drupalgap_get_path(‘module’, sample_drupalgap’) + ‘/js-webshim/minified/polyfiller.js’;

var customdatejs = drupalgap_get_path(‘module’, ‘sample_drupalgap’) + ‘/js/customdate.js’;

catch (error) { console.log(‘sample_drupalgap_install – ‘ + error); }



Add this code at the bottom of the sample_drupalgap.js file


webshim.setOptions(‘waitReady’, true);

webshim.setOptions(‘forms’, {
//configure instantvalidation for jQuery mobile
iVal: {
// jQM; change iVal option for jQuery mobile
fieldWrapper: ‘[data-role=”fieldcontain”]’,
handleBubble: ‘hide’ // ‘hide’ || false || true

webshim.setOptions(‘forms-ext’, {
//only use custom widgets if we do not see some mobile aspects
replaceUI: ‘auto’,
types: ‘range date time number month’,
widgets: {
//buttonOnly: true,
openOnFocus: true,
popover: {
appendTo: ‘body’,
position: {
my: ‘center’,
at: ‘center’,
collision: ‘fit’

drupalgap image upload script


use drupal’s file_save service to manage files using drupalgap
file_save(file, {
success: function(result) {
try {
// var fid=result.fid;
// alert(result.fid);
catch (error) {
console.log(‘_image_field_form_process – success – ‘ + error);




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