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June, 2012

DoubleClick Rich Media

DoubleClick is the ad management and ad serving technology powered by google.I would like to share some of the documents on this topics. Introducing DoubleClick Studio: HTML5 build guide: Traffic HTML5 creatives in DFA:


SimpleDialog box using jquery mobile

HTML <p>You have entered: <span id=”dialogoutput”></span></p> <a href=”#” id=”dialoglink” data-role=”button”>Open Dialog</a> jQuery $(document).delegate(‘#simplestring’, ‘click’, function() { $(this).simpledialog({ ‘mode’ : ‘string’, ‘prompt’ : ‘What do you say?’, ‘buttons’ : { ‘OK’: { click: function () { $(‘#dialogoutput’).text($(‘#dialoglink’).attr(‘data-string’)); } }, ‘Cancel’: { click: function () { }, icon: “delete”, theme: “c” } } }) })